"Before and After"

If you ever wondered if my photos were rendered or not, the answer is "Yes" Typically after a photo shoot is done I do whats called "Fishing" I spend roughly an hour fishing through the photos, looking for what is usable, and discarding the ones that are not. After that process is done I then look for the absolute best photos out of the batch, and those are the photos that make it to the rendering process!!!! The amount of rendering varies, sometime the work is extensive and other times it can be something as simple as adding a little contrast and brightening up a photo!!! Anyway enough blabbering on, here are some before and after photos of my work!!!

Before and After ElizaLugo1.jpg
Befor and After ElizaLugo2.jpg
MJC before and after .jpg
Before and After Ace.jpg
Before and After Angie.jpg
Before and after chime boms.jpg
Before and after_MG_1977.jpg
_MG_0338 copy.jpg
Before and after jlinkart_MG_0604.jpg
Before and after_MG_2937.jpg
Before and After Amarie3.jpg
Before and After JLink _MG_9956.jpg
Emilia Before and After.jpg
Before and After Julius.jpg
Before and After Dalilah_MG_1593.jpg
Before and after _MG_0723.jpg
Before and After Laurel_MG_0636.jpg
Demarys before and after.jpg
Before and After Demarys.jpg
Demarys Before and After .jpg
Source: Before And After