"The Journey"

The Journey


I am learning "Photography" is a field where you have to walk the journey to find your way. I am a huge proponent of educating yourself but it does not matter how many seminars you attend, tutorials you watch, books and magazines you read, none of that stuff will do you any good if you are not applying it. The true journey begins when you pick up the camera and start pressing on that shutter. Granted you must do all of these things if not most of them to grow, however, you will not see any growth if you are not making use of the knowledge in your own line of work. As Tony Robbins states, "Learn from the master." Study the photographers who you truly admire, adopt their practices and make them your own, do them so much that it becomes a ritual. It's been said that, "Masters immerse themselves", which is true. I believe this is a powerful way to learn, but please be aware when you copy there is no room for failure, on the contrary there is no room for improvement either so be mindful of that. 

Experience and Inspiration are the greatest teachers in my book you will substantially learn from both, so don't fear the exploration. Understand that your journey is your foundation and foundation is everything. All of the blood sweat and tears, sleepless nights, sacrifices, joyous moments, investments, failures and, successes are all attributed to your journey. This is how you find your way, this is the very essence of becoming, it starts with your journey. When you are focused and your intentions and heart are aligned, your passion for the craft will propel you forward so fast some will not even begin to fathom. I guarantee, who you are as a photographer, your style, work flow, work ethic, how you engage with your subjects, clients, audience, etc. will all emerge as you walk your journey. You will find the very things that works for you, and the things that do not.  Realize that there is power in your journey, how well you can light a subject does not make you a stand out photographer, what you can bring to the table does. So don't be afraid to bring your journey to the table but you must first walk it. I will leave you with this one word "Believe"

"Creativity is not something that can be taught"