"My iPhonegraphy Journey"

Lets face it, the camera on your phone is probably the most convenient camera you will ever own, mine just so happen to be an "iPhone5/Currently iPhone7s" As much as I would love to lug my 5DMKII around it can be cumbersome, due to its weight, size, and lack stealthiness. On the other side of things you are guaranteed some low noise high res images, lets not undermine all of the other technical aspect of shooting with a DSLR. What is the deal breaker for you, high res images or convenience? For me the iPhone does the job when I am in a run and gun situation, or just need to take a quick snap of something. Despite the convenience of having the phone readily at your waste side, think about all of the other possibilities shooting with your phone offers, like geo tagging, having the ability to shoot and edit right from your phone, emailing as a back up, sharing with friends, and social media sites.   Believe it or not,  I use the iPhone to catch the reflection off of glass and those images are predominately used in my digital composite photos. I will do a post about that somewhere along the lines, until then behold my iPhonegraphy journey.  This post will be regularly updated so please stay tune!!!!

2014-04-06 10.59.54.jpg
2014-04-06 11.19.27.jpg
2014-04-06 15.32.07.jpg
2013-09-12 06.35.25.jpg