How to achieve amazing catchlights in the eyes PT4

How to Achieve Amazing Catchlights in the Eyes PT4

Triangular Lights

This is essentially a 3 light setup, but it actually took a total of 5 lights to construct this particular setup. In the middle we have the beautiful Eliza Lugo, she is the very model who starred in the first series of how to achieve amazing catchlights in the eyes. As you can see in the image Eliza is highlighted by (2) 4ft, Fluorescent lighting banks that are equivalent to 128watts each. The two side lights act as a rim light accentuating the contour of her body as well as creating some separation between the talent and the background. Moving along here’s where things get a little interesting, Lighting banksBecause Joe adamant did such a flawless job at constructing these lighting banks I told myself I would not make a video doing such however, because of the amount of inquiries I received in regards to constructing these lighting banks I figured I'll make a quick video.

DIY Fluorescent Lighting Banks

Lithonia Lighting hanging fixture

1/2"  Conduit hanger

1/4-20 wing nut

Flat washer #8

machine Screws #8-32x3/4"

machine Screws 5 1/4" 20x1/2"

#0 conduit hanger with speed thread

5’ Conduit pipe cut down to 4'

Satin white spray paint

Impact KCP-240

40" Extension Arm

KCP- 200

2.5" Grip Head

8" Baby Pin


I captured Eliza doing her makeup

This is the Impact 40" Extension Pole with the 8" baby pin held by the Super "C" clamp.