Kaylah Raquel

"Night Cap"

Created in March 2015, shooting with Kaylah Raquel was an absolutely pleasure. I have to say this shoot had the perfect chemistry for some super awesome imagery. Sometime ago my good friend and MUA Robert Porcelain suggested that we shoot with Kaylah, prior to this i have not heard of her, but he went on and on how gorgeous and spontaneous she was, when I saw her picture I thought she would make a great subject. Any who we all chatted via text to set a date and the rest was history. I was very fortunate, because another a really good friend of mine allowed me to use his luxury condo in Hoboken, N.J. to do the shoot in and I must say man oh man, I can not thank him enough. On the day of the shoot  I arrived a little early to set up and scale out where I wanted to shoot, Kaylah and Rob arrived 45min after. Upon formally meeting Kaylah she was a really sweet down to earth girl, after we exchanged some small convo it was time to get busy. As Rob was setting up  I casually made my way around the condo filming the "BTS" They pretty much had creative control over the shoot and I was completely fine with that, and because of the whole sexual ambiance of things hence the name "Night Cap"  When it was all said and done we were all blown away by the images.  As a disclaimer, please be advised this shoot is more on the sexual/provocative side and is not suitable for the younger eyes,  enjoy!!