Kean University


"Transformation is at the center of our very being"

When I initially embarked on this project it was simply to create a body of work that would reflect the internal changes I had encountered. I state in my Bio, "My body of work is a cogitation of perseverance. It facilitates the many transitions I make as a person and as an artist" After wrapping up the butterfly installation I shared with a few individuals and Dayanara was one of the few whom deeply resonated with it. After sharing her connection to butterflies I felt compelled to include her on this venture this is what we produced.

I can not equate my transformation to one particular experience so to sum it up there are three things that subsequently helped me to transform.

1. The Death of my father

2.Becoming a parent

3. Tony Robbins "UPW"

To read more on what inspired one of my many transformations click on the link below

Special thanks to Dayanara and Mariposa for sharing their intimate story.

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