"I did not choose Art, it chose me"

For as long as I can remember I was always drawing, but I did not realize my ability until the death of my father in 1995; I was 9 years of age at the time. My life took a turn for the absolute worst, things became very gloomy followed by 2 years of depression looking for an outlet I turned to art! Drawing not only served as an escape, I was able to express those emotions I struggle to hard to control and dealt with. Free time in school became drawing time. My teachers realize my artistic inclination, and immediately pushed me into gifted and talented classes; this is where my talents were harnessed and developed. 

By 1999, 4 years later things picked up and really took off for me! The year 2000 was a new start.  I was accepted to a Visual & Performing Arts High School, this is when I really immersed myself into art. I studied an array of mediums and engaged in much intense training. By 2003, I found my niche, painting was my passion. I  went on to win many awards, In 2004 I received my most prestige accolade "The Governor's Gold Key Award for Scholastic Art and Writing” This was presented to me by the New Jersey Governor.

The V.P.A taught me so much; I learned some of my most valuable lessons there! I’ve learned the importance of discipline, and how to channel my creativity through art, also that I can make it as an artist! Those life essentials carried throughout my career as an artist, and here I am now! Spiritually I know I was guided to this path. I find ironic to say this but, in hindsight I feel like my father's death was a gift to me, because that pain I felt call forth my potential. I had to turn my pain into passion, he lives through my work!