the greats

"Here is a list of my favorite photographers"

Here is a list of my absolute favorite photographers the list is in no particular order, and it continues to grow. These are the very photographers whom I  draw inspiration from, each photographer inspires me in their own individual way. They are considered to be masters of their craft. 

Joe McNally
Scott Kelby
Jeremy Cowart
Dave hill
Bruno Dayan
Jaime Ibrarra
Baldomero Fernandez
Frank Doorhof
Dave black
Joel grimes
Christophe Gilbert
Lindsay Adler
Aaron Nace
Brooke Shaden
Gregory Heslier
Joey L
Joel Robinson
Mark Sacro
Angela Marklew
Bill Jones
Sue Brice
Bruce Weber
Julia Kuzmenko
Alexia Sinclair
Oleg Tityaev
Glenn Prasetya
Richard Dubois