Lorenzo P.

Lorenzo Pickett


Lorenzo Pickett, is a New Jersey based, published Artist and Photographer. Art has always been an element surrounding his life, he has been drawing and painting for as long as he can recall. He attributes most of his intense training to the "Visual Performing Arts Program" he attended while in High School. In 2008, after receiving his Associates Degree in Fine Arts he started his photography journey. In pursuit of improving his art portfolio he picked up a camera to take high resolution photos of his artwork. Blown away by the sheer quality of his new DSLR Camera, it spawned an entirely new career path for him. Lorenzo's passion for "Creating" has led him to new heights. With his use of mixed lighting and unique style he is bound to produce stunning work. His philosophy is simple, “I Live to Create" and Lorenzo is doing a phenomenal job at articulating that through his life's work.

Artist Statement

 Driven by life, productivity, and the act of having a talent to create, I feel compelled to visually expressing myself through art. This is what spawns the inspiration within to produce... Understanding this simply helps me to comprehend why I create. My body of work is a cogitation of perseverance. It facilitates the many transitions I make as a person, and as an artist. In my career as an artist my works serves as milestones. If you fail to produce, you have to ask yourself what progress have you made, what do you have to reflect upon? I absolutely love what I do photography has given me the ability to not only reinvent myself but to stay relevant as an artist! Having a strong foundation in art has helped me tremendously, it allowed for a smooth transition into photography. Photography is a medium I use to visually recreate the many ideas simply by drawing with my camera.